Is There Value In A Professional Consultation?

The Benefit of Professional Consultations


Getting a professional aromatherapy blending consultation can help with the stress of trying to mix a DIY blend. Professional blends are appropriately blended with only the oils that contain the highestbenefit. The carrier oil is also chosen specifically for its restorative properties. You can be reassured that with a professional consultation, you are being guided by an expert who has perfected the science behind Aromatherapy, which holds more value than an online recipe, blog, or article will ever have.

We Accurately Determine Safety Guidelines


An aromatherapy blending consultation that is done by an expert will ensure that all safety procedures are followed. A professional understands how to limit the number of oils, choose the correct carrier, and advise on the proper method of dilution and application.

The Institute's goal is to close the gap in aromatherapy education. That's why we offer a variety of aromatherapy blending consultation packages! We provide a consultation in person, over the phone, or via video conference. Our consultations include:

  • Diverse range of blending techniques
  • Carrier oil selection
  • Determining dilution and application
  • Explaining the details of your aromatic prescription
  • Information about the specific oil properties

We want to provide active support for individuals and businesses searching for aromatherapy answers.

Our Aromatherapy Blending Consultation Client Intake

We begin with a very detailed intake form that allows us to identify your reasons for concern. Once we understand the issue, then we diligently research to find the root cause. Our blend will be formulated to treat that root cause, instead of just treating the symptoms.

We also consider how our blend may affect you both physically and mentally, meaning that we take your whole health into account. Our solutions are meant to help with whole-body wellness. We want our clients to take an active role in their own health, as we take the time to help you understand how.

We are experienced in a diverse range of blending techniques, which lets us create the most synergistic blend for you. Contact us to learn more, or schedule your aromatherapy blending consultation now.