Why Aromatherapy As A Business Is Thriving?

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By 2025, the global aromatherapy market size is expected to reach 2.35 billion dollars according to a recent report by Grand View Research (1). This growth is strongly attributed to the growing awareness about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Aromatherapy is now recognized as an efficacious form of therapy. Essential oils produce results as a stand-alone treatment. Also providing an excellent value as a complementary therapy, along with other holistic practices. Aromatherapy treatments are utilized by Mothers in the business of caring for their household. Cosmetologists, Aestheticians, Spa Owners, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Physical Therapist. Psychologist, Doctors & Physicians and Essential Oil Enthusiasts alike.

Our Essential Oil Classes are designed to benefit anyone who seeks to use their passion for aromatic knowledge to improve the overall health and wellness of their family.

It gives careful, detailed attention to the skills needed to make therapeutic preparations which support wellness and recovery from illness.

The curriculum is designed for emerging professionals with a desire to enter the field of aromatherapy as a new career or business.

It includes thorough direction in the organic cosmetic formulationdesigning safe body products that support wellness, and contributing to an overall healthy lifestyle.

After completing the aromatherapy certification course with the Institute, you may consider these options:

  • Open a professional practice in your home, or in a private or shared office space.
  • Add aromatherapy to an already existing business, such as massage therapy or acupuncture or other forms of complementary alternative therapies.  Work as a professional spa consultant, training therapist, in-house consultant, or product formulation.
  • Create a retail product or line. Sell online, at farmers markets, or in stores.
  • Create a retail establishment.

To learn more about the school, its founder, and the board, visit our about page.

Our Aromatherapy Course Will Get You Certified

Our Aromatherapy Certification Course Is For You, if you want to. . .

1. Learn how to make effective therapeutic blends with essential oils.

2. Create your own therapeutic body products.

3. Create your own Aromatherapy product line.

4. Value the ability to speak about essential oils from an educated standpoint. Helping you to gain credibility, while being FDA compliant.

5. Create your own recipes. Tired of being a "recipe junkie"!

6. Learn how to reason on evidenced-based information. While making a  practical application, using essential oils. Giving you the ability to trust your own information instead of relying on others.

7. Consider yourself a leader, and set yourself apart from the crowd. Giving you a competitive advantage.

8. Commit to growing your knowledge, to grow your own business.

Register for our aromatherapy certification online, LIVE STREAMING course starting on January 17, 2018 or check out dates that we offer that work for you.

The Institute's course is starting in less than two weeks! Space is limited! Payment plans are available.

Attempting to get your piece of the pie in the aromatherapy industry is difficult if you lack credibility. Get certified and gain the credibility you need. Grow your knowledge , grow your business.



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