Aromatherapy Education Online – Build Your Career


Are you interested in becoming an Aromatherapy Professional? With the Institute's aromatherapy education online course, you will have direct access to our all-inclusive program from the comfort of home. You can even sign up for a free course!


Start Your Career on the Right Foot

A good aromatherapy education is the basis for any career, and is especially important if you want to form a qualified business. Our live streaming course is interactive, and approved by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. You get access to:

  • Live streaming interactive course instruction.
  • A beautifully pre-printed tactile core curriculum. This program will introduce aromatherapy appropriately as a branch of herbalism, so materials will be covered from that perspective.
  • Exclusive video learning library.
  • Instructor-supervised private student community forum.
  • Detailed guidance and direction on how to create your own personal brand/label.
  • Information on product formulation guidelines and regulations.

All of these components are key in becoming an aromatherapy professional and will provide you a sure footing for your business.


Thought-Provoking Curriculum

A unique aspect of our Aromatherapy Certification Program (ACP) is its carefully-crafted lessons, videos, and assignments. Each aspect is chosen to help you gain a better understanding of aromatherapy as a branch of herbalism. Assignments will challenge your personal belief system and goal formation.

All the learning objectives are based on your belief system on the effectiveness of aromatherapy. Reading assignments are assigned and then discussed in a private group forum. You will also be provided with keywords to use when speaking about aromatherapy, along with live essential oil blending instruction and independent essential oil blending classes.


Start Your Aromatherapy Education Online With The Institute

Above all, the Institute's course teaches you to analyze your results - so that you gain an understanding of how to put your new-found skills into action. Check out what our past students have to say about our aromatherapy certification online course, and enroll today!