D.I.Y. Blending vs Professional Aromatherapy Consultation

Have you already experienced the healing power of essential oil therapy? Do you find yourself purchasing a variety of oils, and making your blends? Are you completely enthused to learn more, but at times it seems overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start or how to continue? 

aromotherapy consultation

An aromatherapy consultation is the best way to learn about essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Learning to apply essential oils, for therapeutic purposes can be fun and exciting. However, we ALL have limitations that are beyond our current scope of knowledge. When you reach your limitation, where do you go to for advice? Do you go to the internet because it quick, satisfying our desire for immediate gratification? An online essential oil group, because its free advice? Perhaps you consult a book for a readymade, one size fits all recipe?                                                           

If you value the healing power of essential oils, yet recognize that:

  1. You have reached a limit to your scope of knowledge to blend safely and effectively.
  2. Have discovered information on the internet is a sea of inaccuracy and misinformation, that is often more hurtful than helpful.
  3. Realize ready-made recipes from a book are a good place to start. However, a custom blend, based on your individual makeup, constitution, and energetics, would be more thorough and effective.
  4. You want to save time and frustration from D.I.Y blending, for a chronic or acute concern. Then you may also recognize the value behind a professional aromatherapy consultation.

aromatherapy consultation

An aromatherapy consultation will give you customized direction to help you reach you wellness goals.

The Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy offers personal, private aromatherapy consultations in person, by phone or Skype. A Professional Aromatherapist is trained, in a diverse range of blending techniques to create effective synergistic blends. Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the value of safety when making a blend, only a professional can offer. The Institutes personal consultations include:

  • A diverse range of techniques to create effective custom synergy.
  • Emphasis is placed on the value of safety that only a professional can offer.
  • Limits the blends to an appropriate number of oils, so the blend remains high in    active chemical constituents.
  • Carefully choosing a carrier oil, which is of equal of importance.
  • Choose an appropriate dilution AND method of application.
  • Leaving the client with a clear explanation, aromatic prescription & reasoning as to why each oil.
  • Along with specific properties and the therapeutic action, from each of the oils that will assist in restoring the client to wellness.

aromatherapy consultation

Book your aromatherapy consultation to see how aromatherapy can make an impact in your life.

Detailed Client Intake

It begins with a detailed client intake, carefully identifying the client's reason for their concern, investigating to find the root causes not just the symptoms. How it is affecting you physically and mentally. Considerately, involving you in the management of your care.

Carefully Designed Blends

Then carefully formulating a blend OR a total protocol if needed, to support and or effectively alleviate the issues at hand. The selected essential oil blend will be complementary to one another chemically and aromatically, so as to ensure client compliance.

Clear Aromatic Prescription

They are sure to limit the formulation to an appropriate number of oils so the blend remains high in active chemical constituents, and carefully choose the carrier oil. A clear explanation of the aromatic prescription, and reasoning as to why an oil was used. Along with specific properties and the therapeutic action that will assist in restoring the client to wellness.

aromatherapy consultation

The Institute offers a variety of aromatherapy consultation options.

The Institute offers a variety of  aromatherapy consultation packages to meet your wellness goals. Alleviate the stress of DIY blending. Reaching particular wellness goals need personalized attention, support, follow-up. An aromatherapy consultation will adequately support acute or concerns with simple remedies or to help support chronic conditions with total protocols. Contact the Institute and schedule your consult today:


Consider increasing your current scope of aromatic knowledge by taking a course or workshop. Enrollment for our certification program opens March 1, 2016.



Our Courses Are Beneficial For:

Essential Oil Enthusiasts

It is designed to benefit the essential oil enthusiasts, with a passion for aromatic knowledge, seeking to improve the overall health and wellness of their family. The program gives careful, detailed attention to the skill needed to make therapeutic preparations for support wellness as well as recovery from illness.


Emerging Aromatherapy Professionals

The curriculum is designed for emerging professionals, with a desire to enter the field of Aromatherapy as a new career or business.

It includes direction in organic cosmetic formulation, body- safe products that support wellness, and contribute to an overall healthy lifestyle.


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The Aromatherapy Certification Program is approved by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), the first governing body to provide national education standards for ACP programs. Upon completion of the ACP program, you will qualify to sit for the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) exam.