Integrative Aromatic Medicine (IAM) Advanced Aromatic Therapies (Level 4+)


March 31st, 2020 through March 31st, 2020
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

About Aromatic Medicine:

Aromatic Medicine has its origins within the French medical framework, but also is represented within the history and culture of other countries across Europe and also within Australia, starting in the early 1900’s.

Today Aromatic Medicine has become the focus of practitioners with advanced training in prescribing techniques, aromatic pharmacopeia, physiology, chemistry, formulating in both external and internal dose forms and application techniques. External Dosage 10 – 100% (measured in milliliters) and internal dose forms (measured in milligrams).

Aromatic Medicine makes use of all dose forms and application methods either singularly or in combination to tackle serious conditions and diseases. It also addresses drug interactions and contra-indications and is an ideal methodology to expand the treatment options for doctors, medical herbalists, naturopaths, nurses, and aromatic therapy practitioners. Qualified individuals are welcome to apply. You will be notified, prior to the course if your application has been accepted. An application does not guarantee acceptance!

Instructor: Mark Webb

Course Prerequisite:

Enrolled students must have completed their Aromatherapy Certification Course of 235+ hours or more & Clinical Applications Course of 150 hours to qualify to attend Aromatic Medicine.

Learn To Properly Formulate:

  • Internal and external dose forms.
  • Including pharmaceutical grade suppositories, pessaries.
  • Working with Pharmaceutical grade emulsifiers for internal applications.
  • Capsules
  • Co2’s for internal dose forms
  • Emulsions and more!

What you will receive from the Institute’s IAM:

*Upon successful completion of this course (IAM) through the Institute ONLY. You will have an opportunity to interview with one of PhytoMedica’s supervising Physicians. IF you are accepted and chosen to enter into a contract with the Physician, you may legally practice Aromatic Medicine in your state.

Live Stream Course Instruction & Student Forum

150 Hours Spring Portion March-June 2019

150 Hours Fall Portion September-November 2019

75 Contact  Hours (Live class & private group) & 75 Homework Hours each portion

Most Tuesdays

Class Meets 15x each portion

*Plan ahead this class is being offered 1x per year only!


This course is $875 Down-payment.

Three monthly payments of $291 each month for 3 months.

*Once your educational materials have shipped, tuition is non-refundable. Payment/Registration, does NOT constitute automatic enrollment into the program. Not all that apply are excepted into the program. It registers you for the class. Enrollment in the program does not commence until your “Student Conduct Agreement” has been signed, reviewed AND approved by the Institute.

Class Registration

Payment Options

pay in full
Pay half down
875/875 or go into payment plan @ 291
Monthly Payment
$291 for 3 months