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How To Enhance Your Aesthetic Practice With Aromatic Therapies

Taking proper care of our skin, the largest organ in our body has many benefits, beyond cosmetic appearance.  We should make it a regular practice to feed our skin like we feed ourselves. Nurturing our skin will allow our Integumentary System to work in harmony as a part of our Immune System, as our first line…

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Understanding Hydrosols & Their Role In Aromatherapy

There are two products received when distilling aromatic plants. (1) The essential oil and (2) a hydrosol, which can often be referred to as a hydrolat. Hydrosols are the therapeutic waters produced from the distillation process. A hydrosol must be a product of distillation to be genuine. Hydrosols contain various percentages of naturally emulsified volatile plant…

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D.I.Y. Blending vs Professional Aromatherapy Consultation

Have you already experienced the healing power of essential oil therapy? Do you find yourself purchasing a variety of oils, and making your blends? Are you completely enthused to learn more, but at times it seems overwhelming, and you are not sure where to start or how to continue?  An aromatherapy consultation is the best…

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