Aromatherapy Certification Program Testimonials

Anna is a wonderful instructor, approachable, and very supportive of her student’s learning journey. She encourages students to keep the lines of communication open so that she can help support students with their needs, even if a student is experiencing challenges or issues and helps develop a plan to help resolve it. I am able to speak of Anna’s support and encouragement because I have witnessed it personally; she has and continues to support me despite personal circumstances and challenges that I thought would prevent me from continuing the program. I am truly appreciative to have Anna as an instructor and supporter to help me attain my professional goals. I am also appreciative of NAHA’s approval of such a great live online program at Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy.

G. Jones

Before I chose Anna's HPA course I had been on NAHA's site for approx. 3 weeks interviewing other schools. Anna's school was the last I looked at as when I spoke to her on the phone it was obvious I wanted HER course. Not only did she take my call immediately but she possess a great deal of knowledge and professionalism but most importantly she showed she cared.

I run a tight ship with my business and prefer when others do as well as it provides boundaries and guidelines, Anna has surpassed what I have expected from a teacher. During all scheduled class time she keeps the class structure flowing and what I personally appreciate is that there is no time for personal talk/gossip, it is kept at a professional level so class, can be completed in the time frame allotted. Of course, during class, she answers our questions but also makes us think about how to reason properly on evidenced based information, so we can learn to obtain our own answers to questions. Anna's course is going to take learning EO's to a whole other level.


The program has been and continues to be such a great experience. The interactive and unique online learning is so beneficial and provides a wealth of knowledge for me. Beyond her professionalism, is her wonderful relationship she has with her students. She builds a more personal re-pore with us, letting us know how important we are to her as an individual. Whenever there is a personal issue I know I can call her and tell her about it. She gives me the support like a friend would and will bend over backward with any additional help I might need, whether it’s with tutoring, homework or a shoulder to cry on. This helps me feel confident in knowing that her goal is for us to learn and graduate, along with helping us in the opportunities to come in our Aromatherapy futures. I am so happy that I enrolled in Anna’s certification class.

C. Rentis

I want to let you know how much I am enjoyed your class!!I have been in the Health, Beauty and Wellness industry for almost 40 years. I have had numerous trainings, webinars, in-person and online classes, driven and flown to varied locations and your class has been one of the most stimulating, mentally challenging and motivational beyond what I had even expected. I learned more in the informational class than I did in 30 years just using essential oils on my own. What I have learned thus far, I have been so excited to share with my clients who appreciate the time, expense and especially the knowledge they personally benefit from. I appreciate your wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm as well as your advisory board and look forward to continued growth.


I am extremely happy with the live streaming online course at Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy as not only does it give me a thorough challenge and a complete study of the world of Aromatherapy and the practice of Holistic Medicine. Each week it became easier as the tools provided gave me the opportunity to dig deeper and come away with a deeper understanding.

Cathy F.

Anna’s course covers more than the requisite material needed for certification; it is taught intelligently; and the students are eager, engaged and learning aromatherapy.

B. Boynton

Anna is very kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable. She has always gone out of her way to make herself available & answer questions and help when needed. Her promptness in responding to her students has not only been a benefit myself, but I have also witnessed this same responsiveness with many of her other students. She always presents herself in a professional, organized, as well as nurturing manner. Every time I leave a class, I  see nothing less than gratitude & a greater level of knowledge. Anna provides a kind, knowledgeable, and nurturing experience in her teaching, which is something we are all grateful for.

D. Watson

The course outline is really comprehensive. The class experience is even better. So far we have been blessed to have teachers from all over the world taking us on different chapters. And they are very patient so that every class member is carried along. We don't move to the next subject unless we are comfortable. Anna encourages us to be at our best, so we all take part in the class room and it's exciting seeing each other via video, life. I can chat all day about my experience and it won't be enough.

C. Echendu

I am in the aromatherapy class and find it to be interesting, informative and educational. I like that Anna has demonstrations at the beginning of class so we can see exactly how to do the different blends. She is very knowledgeable about the different oils and their therapeutic benefits and how best to blend for a client. She is able to answer all our questions right away and is very thorough. She provides many different handouts and links to help and is constantly recommending books and organizations that are beneficial to us. She always asks how we feel the class pace is moving and if there are adjustments we may need. Most importantly, she is responsive to our questions whether it's on Facebook, email or text message.


Anna has always been open to feedback, welcomes communication. This really benefitted my learning journey. Anna balances the needs of individual students at different levels of learning with the structure of curriculum,

I love the presence, warmth and accessibility of the advisory board and the experience of many to shape our learning. I love the weekly classes and the fact that Anna encourages us to do extra Q&A classes so we can ask what we need outside the class structure. I can’t believe how much I have already learned in a few weeks. I’m totally in love with the oils and more in love than ever with plants and their amazing, evolved, perfect, delicate, sophisticated power. I love that I am learning how to create blends made with positive intent to suit individual needs.

Despite the hard yards and some soul searching about whether I could hack the pace, the content, the structure and the high expectations to learn and operate like a true professional, I am so glad I am doing this course. All credit to Anna in taking the leap to set it up and in providing us with an accessible, affordable, jam packed platform created from an authentic heart. For me, this experience has already changed everything.

J. Woodward

When I enrolled in IHPA, I had no idea that this certification course would be sooo time consuming, fulfilling and awesome in that it has given me a solid and great foundation with a great understanding about essential oils, their Latin names, their chemical constituents, their safety and contraindications and creating balanced blends. Don't for one minute think that this is your typical online/streamline course because it is not.

You work hard for this certification and upon successful completion you can be extremely proud of yourself having earned the title of a Certified Professional Aromatherapist from the Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy. Anna provides students with ample learning tools and resources that encourages further research, ideas, and information.

The streamline learning modality is a great experience that has allowed students to meet new friends throughout the nation and from other counties. I can't say enough....this is an awesome school, Anna is an awesome teacher and I am excited about what lies ahead!! You will not be disappointed.

K. Lineberger

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to attend the Certification course through the Institute for Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy. This course provided me with the in-depth knowledge and understanding that I felt other courses were missing. Anna and her advisory board  work very hard to provide a supportive and challenging learning environment. You are pushed to work harder, work better, think broader, to conduct yourself as a professional and to not sell yourself or your potential clients short. You will finish the course confident in your education and your abilities. The live stream course is a perfect mix of online learning and self-study. You are able to develop a report with your fellow students through the streaming sessions and the student group. One does not feel as though they are on their own or without a support system.

I will never be able to say that I haven’t worked (and worked hard) for my certificate. This course is pretty intense. I have learned so much and learned that I still have so much to learn. Anna pushes you to work harder, work better, think broader, to conduct yourself as a professional and to not sell yourself or your potential clients short. Anna not only encourages her students to learn from others but puts this in practice with having students learn from guest speakers throughout the course.

In all things, Anna has you looking to the end goal...what are you going to do with your certification when you are done. She encourages you to think about your specialty, your branding and recommends working on your business plan and mission statement during the course so that when you have your certification in hand, you already have the ball rolling on your business plans. I would definitely recommend this course to others but with the caveat that if you want to breeze through certification or you aren’t able to put time and energy into your work, you may want to rethink choosing this class.

C. Cochran